When arcade about for Log Splitter your bigger affair is apparently chief how abundant log agreeable ability you need. Is a small, carriageable 5-ton enough? Do you allegation the big 34-ton? What about these contemporary flywheel (also accepted as kinetic) log splitters? Afterwards all, you wish abundant ability for all your projects, but afterwards breaking the bank. So, what are the factors that affect how abundant ability you need? Let’s altercate the a lot of important ones:

Wood Density

The individual a lot of important agency in allotment your log agreeable ability is copse density. Hardwoods are by itself added difficult to breach than softwoods, and crave a stronger machine. And fibrous or baffling timberline breed aswell crave added power. So alpha with a acceptable abstraction of the types of copse you will be splitting. If you about acclimation a bulk of close hardwoods such as hickory, elm, oak, maple, and the like, attending at the added able hydraulic or flywheel splitters. For example, all the DR RapidFire Flywheel Log Splitters are able abundant to allotment through medium-to-hard woods, but we acclaim the beyond K28 Pro or K34 Pro-XL models for those who accept decidedly harder woods.

A lot of log splitter companies will acquaint you that college burden or a added able flywheel log splitter will be able to yield on beyond bore logs. We’ve never begin this to be a accordant agency if allotment a log splitter. Afterwards all, if you can breach the log once, you can breach it assorted times. And a beyond bore log will acceptable crave assorted Top Log Splitter, but not necessarily added power. We’ve activated the DR RapidFire splitters on logs up to 30″ in bore with no apparent bead in performance.