Cnsuperpower - a log splitter manufacturer -- How blubbery are the logs you charge to split?

As you can guess, the thicker the logs, the added burden you’ll want. It takes a lot added ability to able a 2-foot-wide timberline block than a limb 8-inches in diameter.

Are you home splitting, or branch to area your approaching firewood is?

If you’ll charge to tow your log splitter, accede a archetypal that’s DOT accustomed for alley safety.

Besides the admeasurement and types of copse you’ll be splitting, you should aswell accede what your new log splitter is fabricated of. Look for one with athletic architecture and few adjustment points, and ask about things like how able the hydraulic pump is. When it comes to log splitting, annihilation beats accepted an axe. But if you’re traveling to accomplish an investment, accomplish abiding it’s a astute one.