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Weld the anatomy calm in a sawhorse shape, with two pairs of angled legs and a ellipsoidal table on top. Give the breadth of the anatomy abundant allowance for the butt and log to fit with a little allowance to spare. Bond the area metal to anatomy the table surface.

Weld the block brand to one end of the animate pipe, and bond the added end of the arbor to the frame. The brand should be angular aligned. Position it so that if the agent is absolutely continued it cannot appear in acquaintance with the blade.

Weld the butt to the added end of the frame. The agent end of the butt should be acicular adjoin the blade.

Up for arrangement is a set of abundant and simple to chase accumulation affairs on how to physique a 20 Ton Log Splitter. Affairs cover complete instructions and diagrams to advice you chase forth in the process. Beneath is a basal outline of the accumulation affairs you will receive:- Parts List -Part Suppliers (Black Diamond Log Splitter)