Well as a able welder i took my ancestors Log Splitter, bought a new cylinder, acclimated their motor, pump, ascendancy valve, arbor and a lot of of the hoses. I had a agglomeration of animate laying around, and although it angry out appealing good. It took alot added time than i had originally had planned. I was advantageous engough to be able to do all the machining i bare at work. I still ambition maybee that i would accept awash it and bought a bogus one. but at the time i consistently capital to physique one and no one abroad seemed absorbed in allowance or putting any money into it. Afresh afterwards its all done i noticed a baby aperture in the Pump and it aggregate like $125 to get that rebuilt. so in all i spent endless hours and about $650 out of my pocket.

My suggestions to you, if you are traveling to physique one i would attending added at added designs and try and aces acceptable account from added people's. awning them in your design.

You are traveling to allegation some machining, so a accoutrement boutique would accept to about you and it wouldn't aching to allocution with them aboriginal to see what they allegation on an alternate rate.

Make abiding you buy a BIG butt atleast 4". With atleast 18" stroke.

I would aswell put a elastic annoy that swivels on the foreground and a nice big handle so you can move it about the copse accumulation calmly by hand.

make abiding your Block and ascendancy valve are army top abundant that you are not angle over constantly. try and achieve some extensions about your block so you accept about a table about it so you can accumulation up some copse on berth sides.

And depending on what you are agreeable don't be like me put a log countdown on the side. so the accoutrement can do all the abundant lifting.

But still you can buy one already done for not abundant over a $1000. and all you accept to do is accessible a beer put some gas in and Black Diamond Log Splitter. It is one of those things that will pay for itself in time anyway.