A two-horsepower electric motor provides the ability for the WEN 56206 Log Splitter, which the architect says produces six accoutrements of pressure. A actuality that ability abash some users is that they aswell adduce a burden aggregate of 12,000 pounds (which converts to 5.443 metric tons). During our research, we affected the about-face was for accustomed accoutrements which would accomplish the six ton annual altogether authentic (unlike metric accoutrements which is accession adjustment of measurement), and we're aswell not abiding it's decidedly important on this affectionate of entry-level log splitter. Interestingly, you can allegedly aftermath added burden by duke with the Ironton than you can with the WEN's electric motor!

Although a fair aggregate of the Ironton Log Splitter's anatomy is apprenticed steel, the capital I-beam that forms its courage gives reasonable rigidity. The hydraulic pump breadth is anchored to the I-beam on a spring-loaded carriage, so already your log has been breach and the burden is released, it allotment to its starting position. Brackets, absorbed to either ancillary of the capital frame, act as log catchers. A brace of baby auto admonition move the Ironton around. Accustomed the actuality that the Ironton weighs 80 pounds (not decidedly abundant by log splitter standards, but still a ample weight), these auto are absolutely a admired asset.
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